About us

Phytoplenus is a private Brazilian corporation which has an industrial unit located in the city of Pinhais, metropolitan region of Curitiba/Paraná, South of Brazil. It is equipped with an advanced and innovative technological production and quality control of pharmaceutical ingredients structure, which is duly approved by ANVISA (Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária – National Sanitary Control Agency) and was designed to meet the highest standards of the pharmaceutical industry.


The Phytoplenus arose as a result of a technology that combined the extraction and the generation of complex molecular structures based on bioactive compounds of medicinal plants of the global and the Brazilian biodiversity, making the most of the therapeutic properties of these bioactive compounds. The studies that led to this technology were a result of more than seven years of scientific researches and preclinical and clinical studies.

This efficient plant extraction process allows the production of special pharmaceutical ingredients that ought to be used topically on the injured skin. Differently from the hydrocellular / hydrocolloid gel dressings, which are expensive and complex for wound management, Phytoplenus products are inexpensive and very easy to apply on the affected area. In general, the results from the administration of these phytomedicines on the wounds showed a substantial reduction of the healing time, relief of the pain on the affected area and minor formation of fibrous scar tissue. Moreover, other properties or these medicinal plants, such as antibacterial and bacteriostatic activities, were observed. Many professionals, including doctors, veterinarians and nurses who use the phytomedicines produced by this process were greatly impressed by the results obtained, especially in clinical cases of extreme difficult healing processes.

The product strategy of Phytoplenus Technology based on the significant number of pharmaceutical, cosmeceutical and veterinary products that can be developed from this technology was the groundwork of this company.

Phytoplenus was founded as formal legal entity on March 1, 2009, even though it has existed since 2003 as a research and business planning joint venture. It has been made a corporation on August 18, 2010.


The mission of Phytoplenus Bioativos S.A. is the development and the production of high quality phytochemical ingredients based on natural bioactive compounds, which are produced through an innovative extraction technology to promote the health and the well-being of users of its products as essential tools to the community of health professionals and a support tool for the hospital and health insurance managers.


Phytoplenus will be recognized as the best phytochemical industry that produces high quality natural bioactive compounds, becoming the international leader of this segment, not only because of its sales amount, but also because it is the most recognized and desired brand.

Quality Control Policy

Developing and producing pharmaceutical bioactive ingredients with high quality and efficiency, seeking continuous improvement of the processes through innovative technologies, providing excellent therapeutic results and life quality for the end-users.

Environmental Responsibility

Phytoplenus Bioactive S.A. is committed to socio-environmental measures, not only when it comes to the preservation of the environment, but also promoting the development of the society through social responsibility actions, such as creating job creation, supporting education and offering products samples that promote life quality to their users.

Thus, Phytoplenus strictly considers and applies the concepts and practices of environmental sustainability, mainly through the use of herbal materials extracted from renewable sources, without promoting the unplanned extraction and depletion of the Brazilian and global flora, but producing ecologically clean effluents and waste.

Phytoplenus Production Unit follows a rigorous environmental control, and carries an operating license issued by the Environmental Institute of Paraná (IAP). The waste and wastewater generated are packaged and transported responsibly by certified companies for final disposal.

As an environmentally friendly company, according to our strategic planning Phytoplenus will encourage environmental education and obtain the ISO 14000 Environmental Management certification. Among its environmental goals, Phytoplenus aims to take part in the administration of medicinal plants cultivation areas, promoting self-sustainability of the production and the preservation of native plants on the verge of extinction without producing any environmental degradation.

In the social sphere, Phytoplenus is committed to be an ethical and socially responsible company through social measures, and shall get the ISO 26000 certification soon for taking effective actions in the community.

We are highly focused on the quality of our products, and have therefore will obtain the ISO 9000 certification, as well as the Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practices provided by ANVISA, the National Agency of Sanitary Surveillance of the Ministry of Health.

Another Phytoplenus’ goal is to be one of the best companies to work for. For that matter, we have a job creation, respect and fairness with employees and colleagues (regardless their social status, race, gender and physical status) policy. We will obtain the ISO 18000 certification, which concerns safety and health conditions at work.

Core Values

  • Innovation.
  • Entrepreneurship.
  • Improvement of the life quality of the end-users of our products.
  • Social responsibility.
  • Respect for the environment.
  • Ethics.
  • Good quality.
  • Sustainable development.
  • Collaborative and motivating functional environment.
  • Management and business strategy alignment.
  • Policies and measurements of professional growth for our employees.


LO – Working Permit (IAP – Environmental Institute of Parana State).

AFE – Operating Permit (ANVISA).

BPF – Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Certificate (Final stage).

Institutional presentation

Phytoplenus institutional presentation and our proprietary technology.


Report broadcasted by Globo TV on February 04, 2014 about the wound healing medicine prepared with Phytoplenus Calendula Extract.

Report broadcasted by RPC TV (Globo Network Curitiba affiliate) on July 19, 2012 about the wound healing medicine prepared with Phytoplenus Calendula Extract.